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The Leadership Manifesto: Evolve your leadership mindset.

As empathy, communication and emotional intelligence become more important, more CEOs are seeking professional coaches to help develop these skills and enrich mindfulness.

While the game might look the same, the rules have changed. Yes, the basics are still there (EBITDA, Sales, Growth, Retention, Legal, Marketing), however, there are new players in the game. There have been seismic shifts in business modes over the past year(s): AI, the Cloud, 5G have all changed the landscape, but what has really evolved is the need for a different kind of leadership, a more contemplative, engaging and moral one. Whether it's re-evaluating the C-Suite to meet ever-changing market and internal demands or a complete restructuring, the need is clear - changing or adding C-Suite insight, capabilities and sensitivities is more critical now than ever.

People are hungry for normal.

82% of US CEOs have added a new C-Level position in the last five years. Including the roles of Chief of Innovation, Digital, Strategy, Growth, Ethics, People, and Data. Many of the people being considered for these operational additions are being considered only if they have an "empathy gene." Yes, they have to care about the people they work with as well as today's social imperatives and issues (i.e environment, education, health disparities, water, poverty) and with Diversity, Equality and Inclusion rising to the top of the list, mindfulness and leadership development have become even more critical. Empathy, humility, communication skills, community building and mindfulness are being heralded as equally, if not more important, than their abilities and previous accomplishments. The ability to step back and think about where you want to take the organization is more imperative today than ever.

Many companies are recognizing that their long-term interests are best accomplished with a whole-person or holistic approach that includes the interests of employees, customers, suppliers, investors and the communities in which you do business. This is in addition to leadership being aligned and appropriate for where the organization is in it's Stage of Development.

The role of the corporation is being redefined, and therefore, so must its leadership and mindset. In a statement released by the Business Roundtable, redefining the US Corporation's role to include promoting "an economy that serves all Americans" is as or more important to the company's long-term success as the financial bottom line.

By quickly understanding where you and your company are, Management Insight guides leadership to get back on or moving down the path towards success - FAST.

Holistic Leadership-Centered Personal Coaching

Improve Relationships with Family and Friends
Improve Relationships: Business, Family and Friends
Improve Relationships with Family and Friends
Understand and Become a Better Leader
Improve Relationships with Family and Friends
Improve your Romantic Relationships
Improve Relationships with Family and Friends
Find your Purpose
Improve Relationships with Family and Friends
Improve your Attitude and Health
Improve Relationships with Family and Friends
Gain Clarity in your Life
Improve Relationships with Family and Friends
Get Ahead of your Finances
Improve Relationships with Family and Friends
Gain Traction in your Business or Career

Helping you to discover and clarify a game worth playing. We serve leadership and founders of growing and accelerating companies who are looking to go deeper into what’s important and what drives them forward. While I have worked with billion dollar companies, I have worked with numerous start-ups and organizations with between $3 and $25 million in revenue.

Personal Coaching – depending on the situation many areas can be explored and improved, including:

Fun and Recreation

Family and Friends

Personal Growth









Physical Environment

Direction and Distractions

Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is an extraordinary yet simple tool used to determine which areas in your life are working best and those which need attention or improvement. We then help leverage and accentuate these positive areas. Once we have a clear idea of where you are, we then discuss where you want to be (GAP), then we create an improvement plan to get all areas in alignment and move you forward.

Additionally, if you are going through a particularly tough or interesting time (aren't we all?) in your life, it's another way of helping you quickly get visibility of what specific areas you may be dismissing or spending less time working on. On the flip-side, if you are finding you are going through a period of extreme happiness, joy and fulfillment, we also recommend completing a Wheel of Life at this point in time as it will indicate where you are spending your time and what it is that is making you truly happy. By understanding this, it will help in determining what you truly want to do at this phase in your life, and ultimately, be your guide for experiencing ongoing happiness.

Through these and other targeted efforts Management Insight gets to the true roots of the issues that may or may not be affecting your life, and guides you in crafting a plan for improving those which need attention.