Helping you pay attention to your intention.

"[Todd] saved us countless hours of frustration and the project thousands of dollars by helping us avoid dead ends and accelerating our learning curve."

John Minter / CEO

"A phenomenal asset to any business from an employee perspective. I’ve appreciated Todd’s focus on culture within a company, addressing and successfully aiding in resolving aspects of a team/business that are often overlooked. He is easy to speak with; open and honestly. Todd has inspired me to think about ways to better myself - not only professionally but personally. He reminds us of the priorities of a work environment, always remembering the humanity that is needed to keep the wheels spinning for the employee and business alike."

Kimberly Gonzalez / Office Manager / McAllister Garfield Law

"I enjoy and value every conversation I have with Todd. He's a deep thinker with great insights. I always walk away with new ideas, new questions, and new answers. I like his straight-talk style coupled with immense empathy. Todd's the Real deal."

Frannie Matthews / CEO / Colorado Technology Association

Todd has assisted us with everything from determining what area of focus we are going to hone in on, understanding the psychology of how major corporations make decisions, preparing sales presentations to meet clients’ needs, to planning for the future growth of our business. The information that we have gained has far exceeded our expectations. After each consultation, we are amazed by the amount of information that Todd has taught and provided us within an hour session and the confidence that we have gained through these sessions. Deciding to hire a consultant was a tough decision for us, as we have very limited funds as a start-up company. It is the best decision that we have made to date.

Jessica Kaiser / Founder / Canna Demos

Todd Wheeler at Management Insight has worked with me for 6 months prior to the world pandemic. I contacted Todd in the summer of 2019 as an old friend who could coach me into my next personal and business phase of my entertainment company

Todd kept me focused on my business by first focusing on the importance of personal balance. We focused on important family and friends and a balanced view that removed unimportant distractions and habits. We focused on life balance physically, emotionally and spiritually. Balance and perspective on where you have been, who you are and where you are going is important in finding a sense of purpose.

Todd got me in touch with my sense of purpose. The balance and purpose set the basics for reenergizing my business plan.

I continue to rely on Todd's considerable expertise and advice and wisdom as my company takes its next leap into a successful future.

I confidently and strongly recommend Todd Wheeler and Management Insight to any serious business leader or any individual looking for life balance.

Jerry Barnette / President / Moments Notice Entertainment, Inc

"I knew day one that Todd was an asset. His 'secret power' is active listening. This allows him to assist in personal, structural and organizational decisions from a place of understanding. Todd taught me in the first week how to hook "Difficult customers". I was shocked by how well his tactics worked. He saved me so much time in meetings (which were the majority of my headaches) and I learned how to get a signed contract with a long commitment after only one in-person meeting. Thank you Todd!"

Jennell Carter / Founder

"I have streamlined my life and am very grateful for the insight Todd Wheeler has given me. Some of the major accomplishments I have been blessed to achieve since implementing this process was buying my first home and finishing my first novel. Mr. Wheeler's presentation helped make it possible to keep all of the balls in the air, so to speak."

Ukela Alred / CEO & Founder

"Your philosophy and mind set was just what I needed to take me to the next level."

Brooke Milburn / CEO of Go-To-Gals Concierge, LLC

"Imagine your favorite sports team or athlete without a coach. The results would likely not be great. The same goes for business – why do you think most of them fail? Todd Wheeler brings decades of business coaching to the table. If you desire top performance amongst your leadership and team, he needs to be your next call."

Greg Frye / Copy-Writer and Journalist

"Our pr/ad agency has worked with Todd and his team for five years now. He has helped us with everything from overall strategy and operational alignment to business development and executive leadership training. In the simplest of terms, Todd just gets it. And that's the point. He is able to approach complex situations, analyze them and offer practical solutions that even a small family business like ours can implement. He is a pleasure to work with and his desire to help his clients succeed is as sincere as you ever could dream of receiving from a consultant."

David and Diane Eichler / Decibel Blue Advertising and PR